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GoodChiropractic.org is a 501(c)(6) (status applied for) non-profit professional organization that was formed to demonstrate professionalism in and around the chiropractic community to both the professionals and the public.

Our Organization was formed to demonstrate, advocate for and celebrate trending professionalism within the Chiropractic community. Our presence will both assist the existing highly committed dual membership professionals (those with memberships in both their State and National Chiropractic Associations) and encourage new unaffiliated field doctors to “Member Up”. We have a number of “Public” eyes upon us – the general public, the “Professional Public” (MD, DO, Collaborators) and the “Political Public” (Legislators, Politocos). We have seen this initiative appeal to all of them; they want to see it. Our presence will spotlight and amplify the efforts of our State & National Associations.

Our Collaborative Provider Members are inter-disciplinary providers who enjoy working with committed professional DCs, playing “at the top of their professional game”. All trades and professions need respect and respectability and improved public perception. We believe that Chiropractic is certainly on that list – and will benefit at a time such as this.

In our travels and membership contacts, we are contacting doctors who have told us that they know “it’s time” – to do what they haven’t done recently – join either their state or national association or both. We think it is time – the handwriting is more than “on the wall”. While you may think that your one membership does not make a difference, is not a big deal – you would not be right about that – and that idea has been proven “wrong” again and again. Don’t feel badly – it seems to be human nature to think that – but we are pleased to say that one membership DOES make a difference.

Please contact us with comments or questions, but better yet, contact us as an INSIDER. The Public can only win from this. Be a part of this positive movement. Join now.

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