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Policy & Practice

Our Approach to Policy

GoodChiropractic.Org does not make policy for Chiropractic, but instead supports the policies of our partners, the State & National Associations. Our mission is to spotlight and amplify the features of our partners.
GoodChiropractic.Org’s policy and advocacy team will support Administrators and Lobbyists for the state and national Associations, helping them to achieve their goals, and assisting in the task of keeping members aware of pending issues.
GoodChiropractic.Org will support lobbying efforts towards State Legislators, members of Congress and Federal regulatory agencies to ensure that they recognize Chiropractic as a respectable, cohesive, directed profession.
With a growing collaboration among more than 100 State and National organizations, GoodChiropractic.Org will help rally advocates and help them find the tools they need to effectively influence policy.

GoodChiropractic.Org Policies
We are focused on non-divisiveness and inclusivity amongst our partners. We feel that it is paramount to Chiropractic’s success that all chiropractic groups and incentives that we support have these features at the core of their offerings. 
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Maintenance of Credentials.
GCO does strongly advocate for Maintenance of Credentials. A number of our specializations need additional attention so that they may be verified.

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