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Maintenance of Credentials MOC

When a chiropractor initially applies for Membership in GoodChiropractic.org, the process requires registration of documentation of specialty credentials. GCO then verifies the doctor’s credentials. We then apply due diligence to verify your credentials, which is a part of our Promise to the Public
Often, what is required to verify specialized credentials like Certifications, Diplomates and Fellowships, are the numbers on the transcripts or diplomas, or at least the licensing/credentialing board. If a Licensing/Certification Board cannot be contacted, you may upload a transcript or copy of your certificate.  Following sole source verification of all specialty credentials, the board certified chiropractor receives Member status with GCO.

Maintenance of Credentials (MOC) is a program consisting of initial credentialing and recertification. When your credentials recertify, it is imperative that you advise us. We do a re-verification sweep through our database yearly; your contacting us saves us valuable time and administrative costs.

Note on “Board Eligibility”: It is very important that you review your State Board Rules and also the particular policies of your licensing or certification bodies when it comes to “Board Eligibility”. In most of our reviews, we see that “Board Eligibility” may or may not be a valid credential, and simultaneously typically lasts for one testing cycle by your Credentialing Board or perhaps two. In that case, listing “Board Eligible 2009” would be confusing to the public; it should say “Board Eligible 2009-2011”.  With added scrutiny of our professionalism, and increasing importance of our specializations, it is timely and also legally important to represent our Specialty Credentials accurately.

If you have any questions, contact us at Admin@GoodChiropractic.org