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Why Join?

This is a really good question. For a professionalized chiropractor, the answer is an extension of why you initially joined both your State and National Associations in the first place. (If you have not joined both of these yet, click here and let’s discuss the possibilities). You know how valuable these are and how you feel about being a member of each. For many of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The bottom line is…

Our Mission

The Mission of GoodChiropractic.org is to advocate for and assist the profession to engage in its Professional Associations, both on a State and National level. Our Mission will be complete when a Culture of Engagement exists such that a substantial majority – rather than a minority – of Chiropractors readily engage in professional exchange and self-advocacy behaviors as a part of their State & National professional associations. Our mission is to become a contemporary commercial branding that will be more viable than our State & National Association names alone.  Our mission is to help convince the unconverted public that chiropractors are a respectable profession, with a trustworthy and effective reputation. Our mission is to assist in the enrollment of previously unaffiliated field doctors, and to support the Colleges in fostering this New Era of professional culture. In order to achieve our goals, we will seek to spotlight, enhance, amplify and support the work of our existing institutions and foster an inclusive professional environment. We will simultaneously invite endorsed Collaborative Providers into our midst who choose to work with committed, professional, engaged Chiropractors.

Your Responsibilities as a Member

Be proud of your GoodChiropractic.Org seal of approval – it celebrates the excellent State and National Associations that makes us possible. Honor and support those Associations. Display your GoodChiropractic.org Window Decal at your front door, and request a Certificate for the wall of each of your treatment rooms. “Talk us up” to Collaborators on the street (like MDs, DOs, other providers) and let them know about the way you are a part of expanding our professionalism – by being a member of GoodChiropractic.org.

Where Your Dues Get Applied

After application of your dues to cover our expenses for staffing, growth, editorial, copyright, legal, multi-state non-profit accounting, SEO, Web development, etc., we aim to contribute reserve funds above and beyond our projected costs and development to the Partners, Associations, and Foundations we are made up of in the first place, again, based to an extent upon the participation (dues contribution) of their members.


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