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Mission and Goals

GoodChiropractic.org is an organization of professionals that have come together to promote improved chiropractic professionalism and help secure our professional identities. We are a business league with a mission to encourage more DCs to hold dual memberships in both State and National Chiropractic Associations – so that they may in turn support and represent us more effectively, and so that we may present a more professionalized profile (current dual memberships only amount to about 9% of Oregon Docs, for example).

Our Vision starts with the idea that the Chiropractic community can and will be able to demonstrate increasing levels of professionalism – by increasing support of both their State & National Associations. The Profession needs this and the Public wants this professionalism.

Our Mission is to champion effective, professional and good Chiropractic, increasing the professionalism of the chiropractic population, by advocating for chiropractors to hold dual memberships in their State and National Chiropractic Associations (ACA or ICA).

We will fulfill our mission by spotlighting, amplifying and helping to make the existing chiropractic institutions even more effective. We will be a second, independent voice for professionalism. We aim to create a brand identity, GoodChiropractic.org (R), for professionalism. We aim to have “Member, GoodChiropractic.org” be meaningful to the public.  We always intend for GoodChiropractic.Org to be associated with the State and National Organization Identities and Logos. 

GoodChiropractic.Org will function like an emblem of professionalism and a mark that the public can recognize. We will wrap the dual professional memberships in a “Blue Ribbon” with a “Seal of Approval”. Our branding is different from that of the front-line associations, and so we can manipulate it within the media in a way that they may not be able to or have not been able to. The public will know and respect that the GoodChiropractic.Org chiropractors are Committed, Connected, Communicating and Contributing to their State and National Associations.

Our Mission is also to create an umbrella, under which Collaborative Providers, who work with chiropractors and serve Chiropractic patients, can identify themselves to the profession. This benefits chiropractic patients and professionals alike.

GoodChiropractic.Org’s primary immediate goal is to make an improved, professional impression before the interdisciplinary population and the public, which will serve to better the business conditions for both the profession and the experience of the profession for the public.

GoodChiropractic.Org’s secondary immediate goal is to create a reserve such that membership dues above and beyond operating expenses and projected growth needs can be considered for donating to the partner associations, based upon their participation.

GoodChiropractic.org’s long range goal is to encourage more unaffiliated chiropractors to convert into members of both the State and National Associations (currently only about 9% are estimated to be members of both).

Additionally, it is also within GoodChiropractic.Org’s goals:

To make selected, highly respected continuing education modules available to the profession, that expand chiropractors effectiveness to serve the public.

To have an ongoing program of public service missions, such as returning veterans program.

To expand the profession’s overall awareness of public service missions, which have for a considerable period of time being under emphasized.

To create a “homepage” for Chiropractic needs, to assist effective professional chiropractors in their functions, allowing them to focus on their patients.