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Continuing Ed

Diplomate Programs
A listing of the current and upcoming Diplomate Programs by our Member Colleges

Marketplace Offerings
There are additional listings for Continuing Education Programs in our Marketplace.

Online Offerings. We aim to make a selection of high quality one-hour one-credit online offerings available from selected vendors. GoodChiropractic.org spotlights these vendors and makes them available to you. GoodChiropractic.org does not produce our own CE or compete with these contributors. Up to 5 hours of available CE are included in your membership dues for the year; additional online webinars and video courses can be purchased for $20 per credit. At the end of each video offering, we have invited CE Instructors to present their future online, seminar or convention programs to you.

At the end of the video, a button will appear to allow you to certifiy that you have watched the entire video offering. Depending on your state, you may also have to enter in a key word that was presented in the video, or answer a question.

Here is a sample of what we will have to offer in 2015.