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This page is dedicated to the overlap that is often found where chiropractic/medical issues enter the legal realm. For us, this can have at least one of the following three possibilities: Medical/Legal cases, Board Complaints/ Disciplinary Actions, and Malpractice complaints.

Medical/Legal cases (“PI”, or personal injury cases) involve situations where legal assistance is critically required to establish causation, benefits, or administrative details. An example of this is a case in which a treatment plan cannot commence without the patient clearing a legal hurdle. Typically, this is the patient’s responsibility, but often they are not capable of doing this for themselves. This is then a tricky area for a doctor or clinic to navigate. Click here for more.  

Board Complaints/Disciplinary Actions  can occur to any doctor at any time. Often, providing strategic responses to correct or explain whatever is at issue – without creating new issues – can shorten the correction time. It is most advisable too not handle this alone, and in fact, in many cases, your malpractice coverage will provide for an advocate to represent you, but often (and advisably) you may get involved with choosing your own Counsel. Click here for more.  

Medical Malpractice/Chiropractic Malpractice – these complaints do occasionally occur. There are critical timing issues regarding handling complaints as soon as an action may be suspected. In some cases, your malpractice insurance carrier will have very helpful instructions about how to immediately handle a concern. At the same time, speaking to an attorney who handles representing doctors will be an important first step. <Click here for more> lorem ipsum.  

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