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Addressing “Doctor Burnout”

Things happen. Life changes. Practice gets hard. It can be difficult. Many chiropractors and small business physicians are sole proprietors. Many of us practice in a vacuum, with little support. Small Business in general is difficult these days, not to mention the overlay of being an under-appreciated and/or under-respected physician who wants to care for people – and make a living wage at the same time. <Lorem ipsum text on Compassion Fatigue / Doctor Empathy burnout>

At GoodChiropractic.org we know that taking care of the most important asset – the doctor – is often an afterthought. Often, we hear and think “Physician, heal thyself…” but what does this mean? Does this mean “handle it yourself”? We think not – we think it means “get the help you need.” If you have made it this far – you are already on the pathway.

The following providers in the Oregon counseling community have joined GoodChiropractic.org in order to identify themselves to us as focusing on “Physician Small Business Burnout” and “Empathy Overload” (Compassion Fatigue) for physicians, including (but not limited to) chiropractors.

We are, at this time, seeking dedicated therapists to work within the community to address Small Business Burnout and Physician Compassion Fatigue. Together or Separately. These therapists need to be skilled at working with doctors; we are simply a specific group. (Chiropractors especially.) We will make an announcement as we roll out this feature.   Until then, here are some advanced search engine possibilities amongst groups that Portland OR therapists Brynna Sibilla, MSW LCSW, has identified as solid:


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