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Whenever a patient’s diagnosis or injury involves a causation that has a legal implication (such as a motor vehicle accident), a case becomes “Medical Legal” or “Chiropractic Legal”. In order to access some of the treatment plans that are required to recover from a traumatic injury, for example, causation issues must be dealt with, benefits programs activated or ruled out, and complex relationships secured. To deny this is to deny a reality. The following attorneys have offered to assist our patients.

Patients in clinics constantly ask questions that are legal and should be referred to an attorney. Legal opinions, including “you may need a lawyer for this” are outside of the scope of practice of a doctor and should be avoided. Having office managers do this task does not change this relationship.  The following attorneys have been invited to feature here as Industry Members, in order to give us the information needed to make recommendations to our patients.

The dicey area of doctors referring patients to attorneys is explained <here>, in a guest feature by a respected attorney (who is also a chiropractor).  This includes a guideline as to how to pass advocate information to a patient without compromising your ethics or the credibility of the issues themselves. This patient advocate is not a member because his interpretation of the ethical guidelines prevent him from choosing this.

Click here for the current listings of PI attorneys who will make answers and advocacy available to our patients and remove the drama from Personal Injury practice.