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EMR Showcase

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Why I chose to go EMR… and what the decision was about. UNBIASED EMR USER EXPERIENCES

EMR Info Links: ACA   ..

EMR Packages:

Acom Health EHR System www.acomhealth.com

A8 Notes EHR & Autumn8 EHR System www.4tgi.com (1 Member Endorsement)

Amazing Charts EHR and Integrated Practice Management System www.AmazingCharts.com  (1 Member Endorsement)

Champ Software (Nightingale Notes) EHR System www.champsoftware.com

ChiroSpring EHR System www.chirospring.com

Chirotouch EHR System www.chirorouch.com

Chiro Quick Charts EHR System www.quick-charts.com

Chiro Write EHR System www.softworxsolutions.com

Complete Practice Solutions EHR System www.cps-mt.com

EHR 24/7 (Office Ally) www.officeally.com

EZ Notes EHR System www.eznotesinc.com

FormDocs Forms and Billing Software www.formdocs.com

Free Chiro EHR System www.freechiro.com

Future Health EHR System www.futurehealthsoftware.com

H-Dox EHR System www.hdox.com

HealthTec Software EHR System www.healthtec-software.com

Medical System Support EHR System www.mssus.com

MedicFusion EHR System www.medicfusion.com

Miracles Software EHR System www.miraclessoftware.com

MPN Software Systems (Eclipse) EHR System www.eclipsepracticemanagementsoftware.com

Office Ally (See EHR 24/7)

Pay DC Chiropractic Software/EHR System www.paydc.com

PayDC Chiropractic Software EHR System www.paydc.com

Platinum System EHR System www.platinumsystembilling.com

PracticeStudio Integrated EHR Systems www.practicestudio.net

Pure Chiro Notes EHR System www.purechironotes.com

Quick Notes EHR System www.qnotes.com

SeamLESS EHR System www.seamlessehr.com

Simple Chiro Software EHR System www.simplechirosoftware.com