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 Autumn8 Practice Management and A8 EMR www.tgisolutions.com
“I chose the Autumn8 and A8 EMR package. I found them in the vendors room at the Annual Parker convention in Las Vegas. I literally visited every booth in the room that was selling EMR Practice Management Software. TGI Solutions software performed every thing that all the other venders were offering at 1/4 the price!!! I have been with them since 2009 and they have excellent customer support and training. I have 10 computers using the system. They made the transition from paper billing to electronic billing seamless! The conversion to “meaningful use” was also effortless!! They frequently update their software, sometimes several times a month, as needed and often respond to end user input for requests to have the software perform in a specific manner. Overall I would rate them an A+! I hope that this review helps! I recommend you contact them.” Allen Knecht DC PC dukeman12@icloud.com

AMAZING CHARTSwww.AmazingCharts.com
“I always had typed chart notes and did a lot with Word macros and such. It was cumbersome, but I was a fast typist and so it worked out. The insurance carriers and reviewers liked it. Dictating chart notes with Dragon Naturally Speaking made things easier. But there was still the idea of chasing the charts all over the office, and staff members filing things out of order, pulling a chart apart to make one page copy, and all of that.  Basically, the Electronic Medical Records solved all of that. No more running around, and other features – like instantly being able to compare the current X-ray report and the one from two years ago…in the room… makes the transition priceless. I chose Amazing Charts because it was uncomplicated and inexpensive, it was growing, and I could participate in that growth. I still feel that this is a very big pro. Amazing Charts now also has a completely integrated practice management module – which I don’t have – but which pulls your codes and bills patients right as you sign the chart note. (While I don’t have this, my billing is still electronic – we use Office Ally for that).  I can type into my SOAP, call up a template, or dictate directly into the note. I can link in things like pictures, make Red Flags, create useful re-useable templates that are easy to edit. The Chart notes are then detailed, good doctor notes. Staff can easily scan in documents, I review and then click to sign off on them, and then they are totally under control – the paper charts are essentially (almost) gone. If someone needs a copy of a note, or a copy of an entire chart, I can call it up on my iPad from anywhere in the clinic and send it to a printer. The AC staff is very responsive, and comes aboard the computers remotely and fixes any issues, of which I have only had one in like 5 years.  They handle the upgrades remotely as well, without us needing to get involved. One “Con” about Amazing Charts is that it is not a “Chiropractic” software. I personally would really like a spinal diagram to click or a faster way to get listings in (although, as you know, having that locks you into one listing system or another, without easy variation (I often use multiple listing systems, depending on what I am trying to describe). Still, I like what I have. By the way, EMR adopters will like the new Wellness reporting with Wellness checks, smoking cessation, weight loss, blood pressure and Medicare “Reasonable Use” guidelines. I think that it is a very good price for what I have – I believe $1200 for the software, completely installed, and then $1200 per doctor per year.  Contact me for more information.” Dana Sibilla DC DABCO FACO, Portland, OR  DrDanaDC@iinet.com

MedicFusion EHR System medicfusion.com
– This company reveals a lot of names – Medicfusion, PayDC, MediGeeks – and testimonials describing what may be similar or identical software packages with different trade names. This makes us nervous as we are researching it. Anybody using it? Let us know at Admin@GoodChiropractic.Org

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