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Second Opinions

A second opinion or Specialty Opinion can be a valuable component to a patient’s treatment plan. They add to building patient confidence, credibility and respectability. They can be a meaningful complement to an Insurance Medical Examination (IME) or a conflicting evaluation by another provider. The following Member Doctors have specifically indicated that they are available to provide second-opinion-only appointments to your patients, within their area of specialization. These appointments should be scheduled by the patient, not by your clinic staff. The patient should be prepared to tell the Second Opinion doctor the reason that they are requesting the second opinion. Please note – a second opinion requested BY A DOCTOR is not a second opinion – it is a professional consultation, and may well not be reimbursed by an insurance carrier. If, however, you and the patient agree that it is time to refer out for a specialty opinion, which is well documented in your chart notes <sample here>, this may then be reimbursable, subject to carrier approval.  GoodChiropractic.org makes no representation regarding reimbursability.

Note that many carriers put a limit on Office Visits, and a Second Opinion is an Evaluation and Management visit only, billed as CPT code 99_____ or  99_____ and typically, absolutely no treatment is rendered; and for this reason, typically, second opinions are SELF-PAY. Second Opinion visits should not be billed as a 9920- code.

Second opinion Examinations require the completion of a written report of findings, which in some cases may require more than a chart note although certain modern EHR will produce a Narrative which may be adequate; the resulting report must address the questions specifically asked.

Referring doctors should be prepared to transmit a relevant chart note describing the referral including diagnosis and a treatment plan summary, as well as the Doctor Second Opinion Referral Form which can be downloaded Here. The Patient Second Opinion referral form is available Here.

The following Doctors will provide Evaluation-Only second opinion visits for your patients, and have agreed not to accept these individuals as patients for one year following that session, unless specifically and independently compelled by the patient <click here for more>. Violations of these voluntary guidelines will be reviewed by GoodChiropractic.Org and may involve a Member being removed from this list, or, in specific circumstances, suspended or dismissed from Membership,

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