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Some of us have had both State & National Memberships for many years. It’s a set of dues to pay; a way to get Continuing Ed. Many Clinic Office Managers don’t know that we are a member or not (we asked). A survey of a lot of provider’s Bios do not even list them (we looked). And in truth, many of us have joined for far more noble reasons other than “something we are supposed to do”.  But even so – the public does not appreciate them, particularly; in some cases, they think it’s required to be a member. That Diploma on your wall is “Spam” to them – of course you have one, doesn’t every doctor? They have no idea what benefits these memberships can have for you and how that works out for them. What if that all suddenly started to change? What if GoodChiropractic.org could change that?

Joining GoodChiropractic.org is like taking your State and National Association Memberships, dusting them off, polishing them up, and putting a Blue Ribbon on them – THEN, putting them out in front of the Public.

The Public will recognize GoodChiropractic.Org as a branding showing Commitment, Connection, Communication and Contribution by the Chiropractic Doctor they are going to choose.  In a word – Professionalism. In another word – Respectability.

As the Public sees Chiropractors taking steps to forward the professional image of their license title, they will be more willing to choose chiropractic as a resource for health. Can we speak to more than the 8.5% of Americans who currently use Chiropractic? We think so. You will have more respect. More Impact with Patients. Maybe more Revenue. Home earlier. More Quality Time. Happier Family.

The Collaborative Providers out there (MD, DO, ND, LAc, PT) will prefer to work with you. They like it that you are connected – believe it.  Referrals, Collaboration.

Your membership allows GoodChiropractic.Org to reach out to unaffiliated chiropractors – the majority of which do not hold the memberships you hold – and encourage them to join their State & National Associations.

While you are aboard, there are some unique features on our website that will be useful to you. Check them out on the home page. However, the most useful part of GoodChiropractic.Org is the pride and branding you will have with a membership. A window sticker for GoodChiropractic.org is one that is going to mean something.

There are some other features – like our non-profit status allowing us to allocate revenues to contribute to our partner associations – like your State or National Association – for them to use for membership benefits, lobbying, etc. GoodChiropractic.org in the meantime spotlights and amplifies the features and programs of those Associations – to help them be more effective.  Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Question page.

If we have it our way – we are going to increase the Reach, Respectability and Reputation of the Chiropractic Profession.  This benefits the Public, the Profession, and the Practitioners. It is a Win-Win-Win – but we cannot do it alone. The process starts with you.
Join Now.

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