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Why Join Lobbying

The ACA-PAC drive with the $20,000 goal this summer (2014) raised only $8,000 of that goal, for example. Even though GCO donated in 2014, it’s still not enough. Did you know that in 2012/13 the Physical Therapists contributed $1.8 Million in PAC contributions – we (all DC associations combined)… contributed $343,000? In 2014, and the numbers are still a bit fuzzy, ACA contributed “just over $300,000”. The Nurse Anesthetists…there are about 56,000 of them… contributed $1.4 Million… One Million more than chiropractic during this same period. Do the math to figure out who is going to do better.

Chiropractic needs more to get this job done right and keep your and your patient’s interests protected.

We can make a change in this conversation.

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