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Second Opinion DCs

The following DCs will provide a Second Opinion or Specialty Opinion at the request of your patient. See the Guidelines above for parameters and expectations regarding these visits.

These doctors will not assume care of your patient for at least within one year of the requested exam (unless compelled, see above) and will not render treatment. Unless not permitted by the patient, the Second Opinion/Specialty Opinion doctor agrees to refer the patient back to you if appropriate and also to immediately share chart notes and reports without further requiring a request (See above for the referral forms which contain the appropriate permissions).


Vern Saboe, Jr. DC., DACAN., FICC., DABFP., FACO          <Member Website>
915 19th Ave St
Albany, OR 97322
(541) 926-3162
Specialty: Chiropractic Neurology, Chiropractic Forensics     Endorsements: 12